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It's that time again: the time where I reflect upon the past year all into one collection of thoughts! It's been a tradition for five years, I think. Let's begin!

What a rollercoaster 2016 was, huh? It seems like the popular opinion (vastly popular opinion at that) to say that 2016 had really steep ups an downs...maybe more downs all around, but either way, the year proved itself to go every which way it felt for myself as well.

So let's talk about art first. As most of you are probably aware, I haven't been around here on DeviantArt for the past two and a half years, but I haven't in any way stopped making art! As of today I've begun to post all the major pieces I've done from mid-June of 2014. Will be posting them periodically and not all at once for the sake of over-bombardment, so expect a couple every so often. Anyone who doesn't follow me anywhere else, prepare to see lots of new things! And those who have been following me elsewhere, get ready for a blast from the past~

But anyways, about art from this past year. Honestly, it was a pretty good year in terms of quality! I'm continuing to hone in on my skill and while there hasn't been the most obvious signs of growth, it's still there. I also put out five Time-Lapse drawing videos on YouTube, which is the most I've put out in a year since 2012, which had six. All around a very solid year for art! Although...there has been a lot of times scattered around the year where I just lost complete motivation for a while--especially in the later half--but I'll get to that later.

I graduated college this past spring (technically finished classes in the summer, but I'll always say I got done in the spring). In my final semester, I took my game concept Swoobird up a notch and a half and brought out a grand thesis, and man, what an awesome time that was. I really proved to myself that I could solidify original ideas on paper (and in motion), and I've received so much positive feedback from my peers that it really motivates me to continue with the project when the time comes.

With graduating and finishing classes comes moving back home, and I think that's really when things started to take a turn. I was done with school, so I didn't have that constant source of motivation anymore. I think that was one of the biggest things I've gotten out of art school--having something to work on at all times while being around like-minded people. And that's what I don't have anymore now that I'm back home. I quickly found myself not doing as much as I used to, not just in terms of art either. It's a hard adjustment. If anything, it makes me more steadfast in finding a job and getting out of here. But of course, that's not easy either.

I guess I'm just in a tough spot right now, which brings me to what I want to accomplish this year: Within the first half of 2017, my goal is to be hired and move out again. The thought of staying at my parents' house for another full year makes me feel uneasy, and I don't want to sit around stagnating anymore. It sounds like a longshot, but if it doesn't happen sooner than later it's not going to be good for me. Oftentimes in my bouts of depression I regret the decision of going to art school, but dangit, there's something inside of me that needs to be shown to the world. I can't waste it all away. This needs to be the year where I turn things around.

Whew! That got a little real. Let's talk about video games for a hot second!! Anyone who knows me could probably assume that Kirby Planet Robobot was my game of the year...and they'd be right! What a joy that game is! It brings a lot concepts new to Kirby, and of course bustles with references to past games. Soundtrack is excellent, and the final boss still gives me the chills. The only way from here is up! Can't wait to see more of what HAL has planned for the 25th anniversary this year~
Other notable games for me were Fire Emblem Fates and Pokemon Sun and Moon. Both are absolutely wonderful! The former was my first game in the series, and I'm glad it was. Should really get back to playing it...

So what other plans do I have for 2017? I have a few ideas. And based on the responses I've received from a survey I made, I have a few new ideas as well.

I keep getting questions asking if I'll be doing another Kirby mural for this year (and I keep mentioning it myself!), and the short answer is yes. I will be doing something special for Kirby's 25th! I just...need to figure out the specifics, ahaha...

I want to continue YouTube stuff, too. That means not only keeping up a good pace with Time-Lapse drawing videos, but also finally starting a tutorial series. Though, I can almost taste there being a rocky start since I'm new to making something like that. More LPs as well! I'm gonna shoot to start my next one early this year. This one will require some artwork, though.

2017 is going to be a year. It's going to be another year I go into nearly blind, as it's hard for me to know where life will have brought me by the time the year ends. Taking everything I've talked about into consideration, though, here's to it being a good one. Let's do this.

As always, you can keep up with me on Twitter and YouTube! Thanks for sticking with me, and I wish you all the best for your endeavors~


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